10 water safety tips for toddlers and children

water safety tips for toddlersWater is something we take you granted it is in everything around us and we are made up of water, however at a moments notice water can be the most dangerous thing around and teaching your toddlers to respect the power of water is a must for any parent. Whether you go to the beach, a lake of the swimming pool teach these water safety tips to your toddler could be their life saver. These aren’t just restricted to toddler all children should know these but starting as young as possible is the best way to prevent things for happening in the future.

  1. First and the most obvious is learn to swim. There are a lot of people who don’t know how to swim and if they get into trouble in the water they aren’t going to know what to do so wont stand much of a chance to overcome or outlast anything. There are countless ways that your toddlers can learn, you can teach them or private lessons or group swimming lessons. Any one of these is common place in our society and it will give them the knowledge to handle themselves in the water,

  2. Secondly is to remind them to keep you the parent nearby or a responsible adult. This is because children can get carried away playing and having fun so they may forget that water is dangerous.

  3. The third tip is for your older children and that is stay near a lifeguard. There may be a time when you the parent isn’t around or easily accessible and staying near or in the sight line of a life guard is essential as they will protect you in an emergency.

  4. Now never swim alone always bud them up with a friend that way there will be an extra set of eye on them at all times.

  5. Understand the dangers that lay underwater. I’m not talking about “JAWS” here I mean rip currents. Keep your children informed about the dangers of these current will keep them safe.

  6. Look out for the signs and read them. When it come to water and people there will always be signs in order to keep everyone safe. Teach them to your children so that they know what they mean.

  7. Distractions are deadly around water so it is a good idea to avoid them when you go swimming. Having toys at the pool or the beach lead you to forget about the dangers so leave them out all together.

  8. Running the most common sign in and around the pool. That is NO running allowed. This is important as if they slip, bang their head and fall into the water it becomes very dangerous so remember no running allowed

  9. The boy who cried wolf. It is common sight for children to be kicking and scream in the pool but if they are always like this then they may get over look when they get into trouble.

  10. The illusion of water. Surface of water creates an illusion where it could be shallower than it may seem so don’t go dive head first into water you haven’t been in before. IT an create serious injuries and is a risk no body should take.

So there you have it the 10 tips to teach for toddler about water safety. Follow these and the risk of injury goes down around water.


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