5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Toddlers

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for ToddlersWith breakfast being the most important meal of the day too many of us adults and children alike are leave the house with very little or absolutely nothing in their stomachs. After have nothing to eat all night breakfast is a good kick-start in the morning to rev up our metabolism, feed the body and mind by providing the energy your child need to be alert and pay attention in class, get their work done while being able to participate in other activities like football or basket ball. Children who skip breakfast are very tired, easy irradiated, restless and unfocussed compared to their fully fuel classmates.

 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers

Everyone knows what the benefits are of having a healthy breakfast, how on earth do we get our children to eat if they are in the mood of “I’m not HUNGRY”, or we have gotten up late or the most annoying one of all is “ I can’t make up my mind”? So with those in mind why not try some of these ideas:

1. A delicious smoothie. These are my favourite healthy meal you can blend just about anything but for breakfast you can throw some fruit, milk/ water depending on your taste or tolerance wit some yoghurt and ice cream will make a great smoothie and fill you rite up.

2. A toasted sandwich. Make toast much more interesting and appealing by adding cheese and tomato or how about a banana toasted sandwich. This makes an easy eat on the run meal.

3. Having cereal all the time will turn you off breakfast in the morning so like with the toast why not make cereal more interesting by add stuff to it. Like fresh fruit, honey, cinnamon or golden syrup.

4. You can have anything for breakfast you don’t have to offer cereal, eggs or toast. What about the leftover pasta from last night, baked beans with a toasted bagel, the possibilities are endless.

5. So you’ve over slept and your only have 5 minutes before you need to leave the house. What about breakfast? Do you skip it? No, what about a cereal bar, a yoghurt or a banana is good for energy

So there you have 5 good reasons not to let yourself or toddler skip out on breakfast. And remember

“When you have something for breakfast, you’re not going to be starving by lunch.”


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