Buckle Toy Bucky Turtle

Buckle Toy Bucky TurtleThe Buckle Toy Bucky Turtle is a great fun loving turtle for your toddler to have. He has numbers on the front of him which you can cover up with 4 different buckles then you also have a pouch at the back to store anything else that your toddler want to carry. There is also 2 more buckles to do up or undo on the back of Bucky the turtle.

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Core Features

  • 6 Child-Friendly Buckles
  • Zipper Pouch to Store Extra Toys
  • Bright Colours, Shapes & Numbers 1-10
  • Can take anywhere any time

Benefits Of Bucky Turtle

The size of Bucky the turtle makes him easy for your little one to take around anywhere so there will be no tears when it comes to going out as your toddler can just carry him. The bright colours, shapes and numbers mean that you can engage with your toddler teaching them the basic skills they will need.

The little pouch means that your toddler can store a few other toys in a safe place so that they can always find them and because it has a zip they will never fall out. The 6 bucklers that are there just adds lots of fun. Your child can spend hours just doing them up and undoing them it helps to improve there motor skills while doing something they find fun.

What does Bucky do?

Bucky turtle is aim at keeping your toddler entertain where ever you take him. Does not matter if you bucky Turtletake him shopping, to a friends house, in the car or want peace and quiet at home Bucky can be there to keep your child’s hands busy. Weather they play with the buckles, count numbers, say shapes or numbers your child will love Bucky.

How Well does the Buckle Toy do?

At time of writing bucky has recived 42 reviews and a rating of 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on Amazon. So he does his job quite well and here is what people said:

“This is a lovely toy & keeps my demanding 20 month old daughter amused for long periods of time! She hasn’t mastered undoing the clips yet but has become very accomplished at fastening them. The item arrived in excellent condition & postage was very quick. Highly recommended :-)”

“This is a fantastic toy. Bought for my 1 year old who is obsessed with the car seat buckle. He loves it- hours of fun & keeps him occupied in his cot if he wakes up too early! My 3 year old is also a fan! Would definitely recommend.”

So if you have a demanding toddler who needs something to keep them busy or a toddler who just loves buckles then Bucky turtle might be the toy for you.


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