Children’s Play Kitchen Review

Infantastic KDK03 Child Play KitchenThe Infantastic KDK03 Child Play Kitchen is a great addition to any child’s toy collection. It combines physical play with imagination so that they can be like mummy cooking.

The toy kitchen is made of MDF which is partially painted and the see-through panes are made of plexi-glass. This is a heavy toy so it age range is aim at 3 year olds and above.



Be Like A Grown Up

Every child want to copy their parents and with this toy they can in a safe environment. No more under your feet while your cooking, you can just tell them to use their own kitchen to prepare their meal. They can copy you while you cook, that’s if they are in viewing distance

Imaginative Play

This toy is great for getting your children’s imagination firing, as they pretend to cook and prepare meals wash dishes they will be teaching themselves basic skills we take for granted, and they learn most of these skill by watching us.

Specificationschildren play kitchen

Refrigerator, oven, and microwave of the toy kitchen can be opened and closed
See-through doors on the oven and microwave of the toy kitchen
The toy kitchen has an area to hang accessories
The sink of the toy kitchen is removable for easy cleaning
The toy kitchen has a kitchen clock with moving hands

Customer reviews

As of writing the Infantastic KDK03 Child Play Kitchen has 71 reviews and a 4 star rating out of a possible 5. Here is what some customers say about the product:

“Great quality, fantastic product. My 18 month old ADORES playing with it, and it is his firm favourite. Was easy to put together, and had clear instructions; although it did take me a couple of hours all in to complete assembly. Would highly highly recommend. Also good customer care – very responsive.”

“The item itself was really easy to assemble, the only one criticism I have is the oven door could do with opening from the side, a few times my daughter has ended up standing on the door, but it seems to be holding strong.
The selling has been extremely helpful, providing spares when items have broken due to kids hanging off them, there is no way to foolproof against everything kids can try. But the select of spare parts is brilliant and the seller has gone over and above to assist so really appreciate it and my daughter loves the opening and closing of all the doors so hours of happiness, and a few minutes to crash out on the couch, result.”

“While this is a beautiful product, assembling it is a nightmare, and this from someone who’s a master at flat pack furniture! The instructions aren’t in logical order so you find yourself having to take things apart before you can assemble others parts. Also the doors don’t align and so the magnet for closing doesn’t work. I had to go to B&Q to get another magnet. Of course once you discover all this it’s too late to pack it all up and return it. So if you’re not experienced at assembling such things don’t order this, but otherwise it is lovely once it it assembled. The ‘fridge’ or cupboard could do with a shelf. My grandson has a lot of toy foodstuffs and nowhere really to put them.”

Overall like with most products there are some bad experiences but the main con that is share with nearly every review is that the product is hard to put together so having an extra pair of hands and experience in putting flat pack products together is essential.


So to end this review if you want a strong study product that your child will love and enjoy then this is a good buy but remember to be patience when putting it together.

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