Educational Toys For A 2 Year Old

educational toys for a 2 year old2 year olds continue to be curious about the world we live in and they do this with their finely tune motor skills that allows them to now do just about anything they need to from crawling, walking and running to jumping and climbing. They are also developing their language skill which they used to good effect to ask questions, listen to stories( when they want) and to follow instructions again when they want.

So with their brains light up like a Christmas tree and they are learning new skills very fast you want to start looking at educational toys for a 2 year old. Toys that will entertain them, teach them as well as fun to do. Toys that will show them there colours, shapes, numbers and words.

Educational Toys For Toddlers

There are 5 key educational area that play an important role in your toddlers development. These are active, pretend, Math, social and creative. Each of these areas targets key skills in your toddler and there are specific toys you can get to help your child develop further. Below I will explain each area and give some example of toys.


Toddlers are always on the move and some of them more than other. But with their walking skill get better all the time you will want to look for toys that develops their motor skills and coordination.

Pretend Play

Our imagination know no bounds and as toddles are developing their toys that help them will let them grow. Toys like stuff animals they can talk to and things they use round the house will help them build their vocabulary and communication skills.


In school most people hate maths but we use it in our daily lives. All day every day weather we are at home or at work. So toy that can help a toddler learn to count or sort colours and shapes will lay the foundation for learn more complex maths problems.

Social Play

2 year olds mainly play by themselves as they don’t like to share. If its theirs its theirs and no one can tell them any different. However you may sometimes see little moments where they will pass a toy to another child. So toys that can have multiple toddlers around will encourage play even if they play individually around one toy.

Creative Play

creative play toys go that one step further than pretend play. Creative play lets the toddler step into a world where they are a cleaner and they clean the house with a cleaning set. Or they doctor and they check your nose, ear and mouth. ( when my son wasn’t well a doctor done this to him, so afterwards for a couple months my son would randomly do this to me. Every time he looked at me he said “No good daddy your not very well) Creative toys builds on their imagination which can take them in any direction.

So does your toddler have any favourite educational toys? I would love to hear about your experiences so if you can leave a comment about your toddlers educational toys and how it has help them.


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