Entertaining toddlers indoors- What Activities Can you think of?

Entertaining toddlers indoorsIf the weather has taken a turn for the worst and its cold and wet outside it can turn into a battle inside. Entertaining your toddler indoors is something that turns into a mission even through on normal day you could spend most of the day inside and it wouldn’t bother you, but when its raining, it takes away an option which could leave you feeling box in with little ideas what to do.

On rainy day you could turn towards the TV but toddlers can become bored with it or worst you could end up watching the same 10 minute episode of their favourite program over and over and over again. They don’t get bored but you get mind-numbingly bored and the worst thing is they don’t let you leave, its “no daddy you sit down and watch it with me” Sometimes I do sneak away by saying I need to make a cup tea, but if I don’t go back, he comes looking for me.

My 5 activities to keep them entertained!

So to avoid the TV and have a more active day try these 5 little things to entertain your toddler with the TV firmly switched off.

  1. If it is only a light rain or if the rain has eased off for a bit why not go out for a walk. Get your water proofs on and go splashing. You can have all sorts of fun out with your wellies on.

  2. Get yourself a plastic tub, something you think could be ok for a small sandpit. Fill it up with rice and let your toddler play with it like sand. They can scoop and pour till their heat is content. It is much easier to clean up at the end as well.

  3. Have a select few toys that are hidden away for rainy days. Only bringing them out on rainy days makes them special and seem like a novelty. This will keep them exited and happy.

  4. Cooking! Toddlers love to cook, so make some buns, bake a cake or many delicious cookies. They will have great fun and time will pass really quickly with the added bonus of a reward at the end. To eat the fruits of their labour.

  5. Go camping indoors! You can set up a tent with a bed sheet and chairs or anything that will hold it up. You can have loads of fun with this as you can their imagination firing. They will be laughing and giggling for hours over something as simple as a bed sheet.

So next time it is rainy outside try one of these tips or better still create your own list of how to entertain your toddler, there are so many thing that can keep their attention for hours on end, it’s just a matter of imagination.

So What is on you list? Why not leave it in a comment below, I would love to hear it!


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