Fisher Price Little People Racin Ramps Garage Review

Fisher Price Little People Racin Ramps GarageThe fisher price little people racin ramps garage is a must-have addition for any toddler who love to play with cars. The garage has three levels for the cars to go up in the elevator or for them to fly down the ramp.

The racing ramp garage contains a car with a driver, a tow truck with mechanic for all those breakdown emergencies. It also has some cool accessories such as an air pump for those tyres and a fuel pump for filling the car up. This toy has all the makings of a great imagination all it needs is someone to play with it.

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Introduces colours, shapes and movement

A good toy is not just their to entertain the toddler it is their to teach them as well. The fisher price little people garage is no disappointment as it introduces bright colours, Shapes and movement. Every toddler can’t help themselves but be enticed into playing with this colourful toy.

Discover Cause and effect

The fisher price little people ramp also teaches about cause and effect with its elevator and ramp. It shows them that pulling the elevator up has the cars go up to the top and then letting the cars go on the ramp has them flying down it. We all start learning somewhere and this toy covers the basics very well.

Helps to encourage role-play fun

role-playing is natural for all of us and it is very important for our children to help them learn and develop. So have a toy that get them imagining is a great addition by all standards.

What You Get in The Box of Fisher Price Little People Racin Ramps Garage

1 x Racin’ Ramps garagefisher price little people ramp
2 x Little People figures
1 x Little People mechanic figure
1 x Passenger car
1 x Tow truck

Customer Reviews

The fisher price little people racin ramps garage is a fun addition to a toddler that loves cars and it will help them in so many ways.

At the time of writing this review there are 269 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars out of a possible 5.

So here are what some people thought:

“I read the reviews on this and there were a lot of people saying the elevator gets stuck and sticks (very true) all though all it took to fix this was a bit of cooking spray and blob of Vaseline in the moving parts and it just glides up and down now, my 22 month old son can do it no problem. Also it only comes with two cars but I got a three pack of cars from mother care to go with it for £5 and they go and work so well with this garage that you would not even know that it was not part of the set….
Over all I am happy with this great toy that can stand up to my son who is heavy handed!”

“This is the best Christmas present I bought my 17 month old son this year for sure. From the moment he opened it he must have played with it for over 3 hours during the day, and is the toy he goes back to time and time again. Yes, the lift does stick slightly and he is not able to operate it himself at the moment, and they could give you more than two cars … however, saying that he has found lots of existing cars, bits of lego, bricks, etc. that whizz down the spiral ramp to his great glee and amusement. He absolutely loves it and I am really pleased I bought it for him.”

“I run a parent and toddler group, and play garages like this one are always very popular. We bought this new one in September to replace our old Fisher Price garage because we have cars in a lot of different shapes and sizes and they kept getting stuck in the small track and lift in the old garage. This new model has a nice wide track that accommodates the cars that came with it as well as most of our old cars nicely. We haven’t yet had any problems with the lift sticking, as others seem to have, and it gets played with quite a lot. Most of the children love it, although one little boy keeps asking us to bring out the old one – I guess some people just don’t like change!”

The negative side

There are a handful of reviews that stated the elevator got stuck quite a bit or jammed but as stated by the first review all it needs is a bit of cooking spray and Vaseline. I know we all what toy to be perfect straight out of the box but in this day and age manufactures aren’t making them like they used to.

On that note I hope you found this review useful and I leave the decision up to you about the product. If you what a closer look at fisher price little people racin ramps garage visit Amazon


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