How much TV Should Kids Watch

How much TV Should Kids WatchIn our day and age screens are everywhere, they are in our living rooms, in our pockets, on our desk they are even in the shops we go in so there is no getting away from a screen. With screens everywhere we go our children are being exposed to them more than ever before. So as a parent we ask ourselves this question quite often even as our children grow up. How much TV should kids watch?

So how Much Screen Time?

There have been many debates about this with some experts saying that children under three shouldn’t be watching TV at all and children up to twelve should watch a maximum of one hour.

This is because watching TV will reduce the amount of active play time for toddlers where they can be social and interact with others. TV may also affect the development of a full range eye movement and reduce toddlers ability to remind focussed or activities.

Experts also say that if children watch more than two hours a day of TV they are more like to be overweight, less physically active, drink more sugary drinks , snack on foods higher in fat, salt and sugar and have fewer social interactions.

I know that TV has an effect on children but if I let my boy watch more than two hours of TV he’ll turn out like that. I say no way it’s nothing to do with the TV itself it’s to do with parenting and how we use the TV because at the end of the day we are in control of our toddlers live and they do with in reason what we want. If I need some time to make dinner without my 2-year-old with me next to a hot cooker then he can watch TV or if I am doing house work and he doesn’t want to help he can watch some TV.

It’s about using it as a tool to keep our sanity or to keep them out of dangerous situations like the one about the cooker. My son and I still have fun we kick a ball around, build Lego towers, read books and interact with everyone else. My boy is a hyperactive full of energy toddler who loves it out side but also likes he TV where he watches Dino Dan and he’ll tell me about the dinosaurs, or alpha blocks which help put letters and sounds together.

So how much time your child should be in-front of a screen is up to you but setting limits is good and only allowing it at certain times is better. But just remember their overall health and well-being, physically and emotionally is down to you as a parent the TV can’t do it for you.


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