Language Development in Toddlers: 5 Tips to help Boost their Skills

language development toddlersJust like with their physical development they will learn to crawl, then to climb, walk and then run. Toddlers language development follows the same pattern, in that they learn to speak a few words at first and when it comes to about 18 months old they have this sudden language explosion where they are adding words to their vocabulary at an unimaginable rate. By age three they may have more than 1000 words at their disposal and they start to combine them together.

Although at the being you wont be able to understand some of your toddlers words due to the fact that he may have some trouble pronouncing sounds. He may substitute some letters for other however after a little while you will soon pick up on what he is say and will be able to help him pronounce it. But remember prize and reward him for making word as this reinforces this behaviour and he will continue to do it.

Do They Have a Speech Delay?

At 18 months your toddler will have a limited vocabulary of about 10 words give or take a few. However if your toddler doesn’t it might be worth getting him checked out by a language pathologist and getting his hearing checked.

A simple check to see if your toddler language skills are developing is to ask him a question or to do something for you. If they nod and if they go to do what you have asked then they receptive language skills are they and his speech might be just a little away.

5 Tips to help language development for your toddler

It doesn’t matter if your toddler is an early bloomer or a late flower you can help build their language with a few simple tips:

  1. No baby talk. You want them to speak properly, so speak clearly.

  2. Talk all the time about what you are do like, we are putting the washing on, we making lunch.

  3. Repeat and expand. When you toddler says something repeat it back but draw it out.

  4. Books, books and more books. Reading books are a good way to boost your toddlers vocabulary. The more you read the wider their vocabulary will get.

  5. Have you notice how toddlers are always asking question. It is the way they learn about the world around them. So ask them questions back and get them to talk, its the best way to get them to use what they have learnt. Practice makes perfect.

Overall your toddler will get their, its like everything they do some times they pick it up straight away and their off. Other time they have to try a little harder at it. Just be patient with them their time will come and then you may want them to be quiet.


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