LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table

LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning TableLooking at the leapfrog animal adventure learning table for your little one?

Wow that a mouthful to say at one time.

If your looking for a toy that is pack full of functions that your toddler will love to play with and something that they can learn while playing then this might be the toy for you. It also can be used without its legs so that children that are just learning to crawl can use it to.

Lets see what the leapfrog animal learning table can do

The Key Skills

>Cause & Effect
>Music & Rhythm
>Fine Motor Skills
>Gross Motor Skills

The leapfrog animal adventure table encourages toddlers to play and have fun while they learn about cause & effect, develop their motor skills and learn about shapes.

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It helps to develop this skills and cognitive functions with 7 stations to continually stimulate their minds, all while leapfrog animal learning tablelearning.

There are two different modes so that you can switch between the two. One is for learning and one is for playing. This is so that you can focus on different areas of learning. For example you can teach counting, colours and shapes or motor skill, music and rhythm.

To get the party started and learn about shapes and colours all you need to do is tap the drum in the middle, you can also play peekaboo with the hippo, there is 100 different songs and activities to keep you little toddler busy.

All in all this little toy comes packed full of fun and learning which is a great thing these day as I remember when I was younger we never had anything like this.

What Customers Had to say

The LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table at time of writing has 158 reviews on Amazon.

It also has a rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5.

“Our son absolutely loves this table and at 8 months old he is right near the beginning of the recommended age range for this toy so I can see plenty of use and benefits for him using this now and in the future. He already has an ELC lights and sound drum so knows to hit the drum to make it light up and produce music but the drum in the middle of this table not only lights up and has music but also lights up different shapes which he is fascinated with. We haven’t got the earlier version of this toy so I can’t comment if this version is better or not but I can tell you that it really is a brilliant toy and I would definitely recommend it.
The table has removable legs so once your child is able to stand by themselves they can interact with the table at standing level but our son is just not quite there yet (although I think he will be very very soon) and so he is using the table at the moment without the legs. The table has two modes; music or ABC along with two volume levels so you can have the volume quite loud or turn the volume down when the alphabet or any of the many other songs has started to get on your nerves as your child is playing it for the umpteenth time in the day!”

“This is a good activity table which I think is an improvement on the older Learn and Groove table – unless you want a table that can also speak to you in French. It’s marginally smaller than its relative but with lots of different activities. I was disappointed with my Leapfrog walker that it was almost a carbon copy of the original Leapfrog table but this is totally different.
The main selling point is the central music and flashing light section which you thump to set off simple repetitive songs about shape and colour. It also invites children to tap to the beat but there is no reward/commiseration for getting it right/wrong. There is a hippo with a mirror underneath, a simple 3 key piano, a tiger which teaches left and right, a spinny fish ball tumbler and a monkey with a guitar.
The sounds like giggling, phrases and speech which come from the unit are really clear and an improvement on the previous version. The accent/speech is in clear UK English despite all the Americanisms on the outer box like ‘color’. This seems slightly more educational than the previous table and should carry interest over all the preschool years. It’s a friendly, giggly table which tells you things like how many legs a giraffe has.
The alphabet is round the outer edge of the table in block capitals – I would have preferred it to be in lower case.
It’s ever so slightly smaller and more compact than the Learn and Groove table which slightly disappointed me at first but now I prefer this table. The legs come on and off easily for floor play.
I’ve noticed 6 month olds can only just reach over to the outer edge of the central music circle but for a crawling baby with the unit at floor height it shouldn’t be a problem in play. It doesn’t take much pressure to set off the light display.
Recommended, especially with the lights dimmed.”

“Bought this for my 7 month old daughter who had just started standing. Thought she would like something at her height with activities which might capture her attention and divert it from our coffee table laden with the remote controls. Great success. She is now almost 9 months and has discovered all the different activities and sounds and plays with the table constantly throughout the day. She likes to boogie along to the songs and open and shut the hippo the best. Only drawback is that it could be a little weightier as it will shuffle along the floor as baby puts weight on it. We have carpet and it will move about a bit so would be interested to see how it slid about on hard floors. It is not a major issue for us as we tend to rest it against our couch next to her play area. In all a great little activity table and happy with our purchase.”


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