Leapfrog musical rainbow tea party

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea PartyLeapfrog musical rainbow tea party will set any toddlers imagination firing with its bright colours and numbers. It also has sing-a-long songs and the tea pot makes realistic sounds when you move it around.
It is a ten piece set that lights up in six different colours, has 50 phrases & sounds and is aimed at the ages 1 to 3.
As with most of leapfrogs toys they aren’t just a toy, it is an educational experience whereby play with these toys it develops the toddler as that they have skills that will set them for life.

Counting & colours skills

Counting is a life skill and the tea party set comes with 6 cakes that they can give out and share about while learning how many cakes they have. The cakes are also colour coded so that you can match the colour to the tea pot as the tea pot has 6 different colours as well.

Role playingLeapFrog Tea Party set

Toddlers can host a tea party and see the tea boiling through the window on the tea pot. They will learn how to interact with each other and share while having their imaginary tea party. There tea party will encourage role play and let one child be the leader and pour out the tea while the other children drink the tea while interacting.

Pre school skills

They will learn important pre school skills with this toy while I have already mention interacting and sharing they will also learn motor skills with the tea pot so they they can make it do the sounds they want. Such as pouring tea they have to lift it up and pour like a proper tea pot.

So the Musical Rainbow Tea Party is not just a toy it is a interactive experience that toddler will enjoy , engage and learn from that will give them life skills that they can build upon for year to come. Visit Amazon to find out more about the LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

Customer Reviews

The Leapfrog musical rainbow tea party has a rating of 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on amazon and the customers are happy with the product. Here is what some of the customer said:

“This is a sweet and colourful tea set for toddlers. The set comes with two small cups, a plate with six pieces of cake and a singing teapot, which also makes various ‘pouring’ noises, etc. The set has lots of opportunities for learning – the cake slices have different colours and fruits on them and the teapot prompts the child to follow instructions – “press my heart button”, “let’s share the blueberry tea”, etc. The teapot was undoubtedly the most played with item in the set – it changes colour, sings songs, teaches counting and has a good range of noises. Plus, another bonus was that the voice was English, rather than the usual American accent. Overall, this was great fun and my little niece and nephew both enjoyed playing with it – as, indeed, did my own little girl. I think it has good play value, it’s well made and, although it was played with for a long time, I didn’t find the voice annoying or irritating. My only real complaint is that I wish toys with various pieces in a set (ie a tea set) had a bag or case to keep the pieces together. I can’t even guess at how many tea sets I have brought over the years and I doubt there is a complete set amongst them!”

“What a lovely teaset! This brightly coloured teapot, cups, plate and cake slices make up an exciting toy for any toddler. The teapot plays songs and instructions and the “tea” moves and changes colour as it is poured. It is designed to help with colour, number and shape recognition, sharing and tea-time etiquette. Adults may grow weary of the oh-so-cheery songs but young children will love it.

The set seems to be robust and should withstand less than gentle handling from those little ones who have not yet learned tea-time manners.

We loved it.”

“I brought this for my 22 month old daughter and she loves it!
It plays the sweetest songs which my daughter dances too,
The light up action on the tea pot is brilliant too
Its played with everyday so it must be good!!”

Visit Amazon for more reviews about LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party


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