Mega Bloks First Builders Steer Me Steve

mega bloks first builders steer me SteveMega Bloks First Builders Steer Me Steve is a fun toy that any car loving tot would love. You get to steer Steve around the house and load up all the brick you can find, then off to a location of your choice to dump them and build what ever you want. Don’t like the area load Steve up again and off you go to find that perfect spot.

The steer me Steve vehicle has a easy grip steer along steering wheel which makes it simple for young hands to grab hold of. With its fun, colourful design and cheerful, friendly face it makes it easy for children to love this toy. The dump truck comes with 7 big maxi blocks to load up the back and it has a quick pull lever to empty it out again.

So this toy is a great addition to any car loving tots collection. If you want to find out more  Amazon here at Mega Bloks Steer Me Steve Vehicle

Customer comments

The dump truck has 31 reviews on Amazon at time of writing this with an average rating of 4.9 stars of a possible 5.

“This is a really good sized toy for a toddler – it’s big & chunky so easy to get hold of. It’s lighter in weight than I’d expected so while it seems pretty tough, I’m waiting to see if it can take the bashing my year old grandson will give it. Should be good for either indoor or outdoor play.
4 * as it was difficult to wrap & had lots of plastic attaching the truck to the cardboard – would be better presented in a box & ready for instant playtime.”

“Brilliant toy! Our one year old is very into his “brrrmm brrrmms” and loved this from the moment he opened it. It is very robust and has been crawled over many a time and he likes putting all sorts into the dumper truck bit. He hasn’t quite got the idea of the lever yet but I can see that this will be enjoyed for a long time. Great toy and great value for money.”

“Bought for a 7 month old, and he loves it, as time goes by, he will love it even more. nothing on the toy to hurt a wee one. no sharp edges, thought it might be too old for him, but no, he plays with it a lot”


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