Night Terrors In Toddlers How To Handle Them

Sleeping babyToddler Night terrors what are they?

A night terror is different to a nightmare because it happens at a different time during there sleep cycle. A nightmare is an upsetting dream that occurs during rem sleep a night terror will happen in the transition from stage 4 deep sleep to rem sleep. Which is a fancy way of saying that they are fully asleep even if their eye are open.


What Causes Night Terrors?

According to to research about 15 percent of children suffer from night terrors and it affects all children equally no matter what gender. It normally affects young children and they tend to grow out of it as their brain develops.

Causes for night terrors could be a stressful event that has happen, like a dramatic change in life style (E.g. a new sibling) They could get them when they are ill and have a fever, or they are over tired even some medication can give a child night terrors.

How to deal with them

The whole ordeal may be more dramatic and stressful for you the parent than your child as most of the time they will not remember it at all. So the most important thing to do is stay calm and ensure they don’t hurt themselves as some night terrors can have them trashing around.

Don’t try to wake them at all you probably wont be able to but it will make them disorientated. A night terror can last anywhere form one minute to thirty minutes where afterwards most children settle back down to sleep.

How To stop them

There is no way to stop night terrors but there are some things you can do to try and prevent them. These are trying to reduce you child’s stress levels. Having a regular bedtime and sticking to it as not to get your child over tired. Having the bedtime routine simple and relaxing like reading a book before bed.

Night terrors are always going to be a concern for any parent but if you remember to stay clam and just keep an eye on them you will be just fine.

If you are looking for more tips for how to get your child into a good sleeping habit then I would recommend this book.

30 Simple Habits for Helping your Child Sleep: An easier way to approach bedtime and training your child to sleep through the night

This book is about making good bedtime habits that you and child could do in order to get a better night sleep for both of you.


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