Parenting Advice For Dads: Top 10 Tips

Parenting Advice For DadsBeing a dad is one of the best things in the world, you get to help rise and nurture your child from a tiny helpless little being into a full-grown adult and then they still want your help and advice even after they have flown the nest. Anyhow you have to get their first so here are 10 top tips for having your household run more smoothly.

  1. Spend time playing with your child.

    When it comes to children they love people interacting with them. It could be as simple as playing a board game or running around the garden. The most important aspect here is that you are spending time with them which is what they crave.

  2. Read books with them.

    Learning is what drive children, have you had them ask a question then with every answer you give they ask why? It’s their way of learning about the world they live in. So in order to give them better exposure to the world and learn a wide vocabulary reading book is essential. They may even learn to love reading which is a good thing.

  3. Change the Nappy

    Getting involved with changing nappies helps with bonding and the knowing that you will always be there for them. It also helps your partner out with one less job to do.

  4. Discipline Need a firm but gentle hand

    Every now and then your child will need some sort of discipline. Being at an early stage and both of you agreeing how to discipline is the best way. You need to enforce rules for their safety as well as give them room to learn and grow. To harm on them and they may end up hating you to gentle and they can walk all over you so need to find the right balance and style for you.

  5. Don’t jump straight in listen first

    Where there is people there will be disagreements and it is even more so for child. Weather it is with their siblings or other children it is important to listen before taking action. You need to hear both sides of what has gone on to make a proper decision otherwise you could make the wrong choice children always aim to test adults and blame it on each other. Sometime you’ll feel like a referee.

  6. And Be Fair

    Sometime if you discipline one you will need to discipline the other as well. It’s part of listen first. However it extend beyond that. You will need to be fair with your time you spend on them and not exclude them from activities. As they grow older they will notice if you favour one more than the other and it will cause problems.

  7. Use the Kitchen

    Not just to get a drink, cook for the family. It will give your partner the night off from it but it show that men can do the cooking as well

  8. Help With the Housework

    Many hands make light work. With children in the house, a once tidy and well keep room can turn upside down in an instant. But it doesn’t have to fall on one person to tidy it up. Help out and it will soon be back to normal, or until the kids come through again, or better still make them help and they might not be incline to mess it up as much.

  9. Be in the moment

    It’s not enough to be physically there with your child you need to be there with your mind as well. Everything else isn’t important when you child is around they are your world and the thing they say can last a lifetime, you don’t want to miss a thing.

  10. Lead by example and try to teach

    As parents we are our children’s role model everything they do is because they learnt it from us or those close to us. So you need to lead by example and do your best at everything you can with your child. Teach them what you can even if they go to school you can teach them other important life skills that they school doesn’t. Like interacting with other being accountable for your own actions and taking responsibility for them. Our child are mini us and we need to teach them the best of us not the worst.

Follow these 10 tips will not only more toward being a better parent you will help your household run smoothly and raise a happy, loving family that will be there for each other.


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