Preparing a toddler for a new baby

Preparing a toddler for a new babySo you already have one wonderful little toddler and you have found out that you’re expecting another baby. A little while goes by and you start to think about the relationship between your toddler and you’re expecting baby, after all your toddler is still a baby themselves and you don’t want them to feel pushed out.

The best way to ensure that they still feel part a of the family is to involved them in everything so here are my 10 tips to preparing a toddler for a new baby.

  1. Young children need lots of parental attention and if the age gap in less than 3 years it can create friction between siblings. You just need to give them plenty of one-on-one time.

  2. Talk about babies to your toddler and talk about the baby in the belly. They wont fully understand but introducing them to the idea of a new baby is the first step.

  3. If there are any changes that need to be made stagger them before or after the baby has arrived. This is so that they don’t associate things happen because of a new baby. Thing like a new bedroom should happen before baby is here so they don’t feel pushed out of their old room.

  4. The gentle way. Toddlers are heavy hand by nature. They like to touch, grab and feel what things are like. But you will need to teach them the gentle way so that they don’t accidentally hurt the new baby. Thing like petting animals is a good way to introduce the gentle touch.

  5. Let them still be young! Don’t have them growing up to fast just because there is a new baby. They still want attention, to be held, cuddle and do normal stuff they used to do before baby arrived.

  6. Mood Shifts. Expect clinginess as your toddler want to feel secure. It will pass over time as they see that they are still a major part of the family.

  7. Show them that they were a baby too. Showing picture of when they were a baby show them that it is a normal process and that they were that small once.

  8. You might want to have something for your toddler so that when the newborn is getting lot of gift they too have something that is theirs.

  9. Get them involved. Having a helping hand is great, and it make them feel secure in being part of the family. So have them fetch the wet wipes, nappies and changing mat, after a while they will get quite good at it.

  10. Show your toddler that growing up is good and the they can do much more now then they could as a baby. Playing games doing puzzles and reading books will keep them on track with their development and keep them excited about growing up.

So there are 10 thing your should do to prepare for your new baby. These ideas will help your toddler to transition to being a big boy/girl.

Have you had a new baby while having a toddlers? What where your problems? Let me know by leaving a comment below Or if you are soon so being going through this leave a comment too!


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