Separation Anxiety in Toddler when going to Preschool

Separation Anxiety in ToddlerLeading Up To Preschool

For you to be successful in reducing the separation anxiety in your toddler you will need to ensure that you have given them life skills before they get there. What are life skills? You have probably been teaching your toddler them up to this point anyway.

You will have encouraged them to follow the rules, taught them to share, and have let them play with other children. Overall you can’t do a lot more than what you have been already doing to get them ready for preschool, however if they haven’t had much time around groups of children I would try to get them used to it, so that going preschool with lots of children isn’t frightening.

Easing separation by talking about Preschool

If you know for certain that you are sending your toddler to preschool then start talking about it, get them excited for new experiences and making new friends. If they have cousins that are going to school ask them about their school day around your toddler so that they can see it is a natural process that everyone is doing. You can even go as far as contacting your chosen preschool to see if you and your toddler is allowed to visit.

When visiting the preschool don’t worry if your toddler has some Anxiety and feel intimidated about the whole atmosphere, it is a new experience for them and it is going to be overwhelming. The whole idea here is to show them that school is a fun and exciting place to go.

Once you have visited the preschool talk more about it and get them excited about going to school. Get them to look forward to it so that they wont be afraid of it or develop separation Anxiety you take them there.

Preschool The First Day

On the first day you could be very lucky and have a toddler who going right into the class room and doesn’t look back. It may hurt that they can just walk away and leave you but it is a good thing the they feel secure and independent that they are frightened of new experiences. However you could have a toddler who doesn’t want to separate from you, but there are some things that you can do to ease the process.

The first thing is to find out if you are allowed to stay for the first few days. If you are spend a few minutes with your toddler then try to leave, but reassure them that you are coming back. You might have to stay for the first few days or just a couple of hours when they play but you should work on trying to blend into the background so that they can enjoy being at preschool but still have the security of have you close.

It will eventually come the time when you take you toddler to preschool and you have to say your goodbye and off they go. You want to make it positive, cheerfully and reassure them you are coming back later for them. Don’t drag it out or distress them in any way short and sweet is the best and if it is possible guide them to their teacher or appointed person that will be looking after them so that they know there is someone there for them.


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