Tips for Easing the transition from crib to toddler bed

transition from crib to toddler bedSo the time has come to move them out of those comfy confine space of a crib/cot to a toddler bed. This is a big move for them and should be treated as such, with my little boy when it was time to move I got him excited about it first by reassuring him and explaining that he is becoming a big boy and will have a big boy bed. This worked well and he got excited about the move however every child is different so I will give you some tips below for easing the transition to a toddler bed.

1) First of all tell them what is going on and when it will happen as toddlers don’t like big change and they are reassure by familiarity, so get them use to the idea first.

2) Get them excited about moving to a big bed like mum and dad have

3) When moving to a toddler bed move the cot bedding over so that they have something familiar and it serves to reassure them

4) If they have a big enough bedroom set the toddler bed up while the cot is still there so that it gets them used to the idea and they can lie down or play on the bed without the pressure to sleep on it.

5) Have some quite time on the toddler bed where you can read a story before bed time so that it get them used to lining down on it.

6) Make sure you follow your normal bed time routine so that they can feel as comfortable and familiar as possible to make it easier to settle in to it

7) Once the cot is gone put the toddler bed in its position so the they will sleep in the same position they have always done. It make it easier for them to sleep.

On a final note if you find that your child is resisting the change they may not be ready for it so don’t force them into it. Just leave the bed set up whilst they continue to sleep in their cot. Just having it their in the room will help them to get used to it and they will eventually get comfortable with it which make the transition much easier.


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