Toddler Balance Bike Review

toddler balance bikeThe Toddler Balance bike was designed with one very specific goal in mind. That is to teach young children the mechanics of how to balance & steer. There are many differences between the balance bike and a pedal bike, but the main ones are:

A balance bike will have no pedals. That means no dirty chain to touch, children simply move the bike with their feet.
There are no stabilisers with a balance bike. With the childs feet always being able to touch the ground they learn to balance by putting a foot to the floor and pushing off when the bike leans to one side.
Some balance bikes will have no brakes. This takes away all distractions when trying to learn the basics of steering and balancing.

Balance bikes can be known by a few names such as walking bikes or running bikes. These names are derived from what the child is actually doing while sitting on the bike.

Benefits of a Toddler Balance Bike

  • These bakes can be used from age 1 onwards

  • Teaches balance and steering so it becomes second nature

  • Develops a child’s confidence and coordination

  • Creates a natural transition to a pedal bike

  • Can be used indoors and out

  • Extremely easy to carry, and to put into the boot

The First Balance BikeTidlo First Balance Bike

The one in this article has useful carry handle, pneumatic tyres (which basically means air-filled tyres), a height adjustable seat and easy to grip handles bars.

All this means that for a one year old this is an easy to ride bike and can be good fun.

customer reviews of Tidlo First Balance Bike

“We bought this bike for our grandson’s 3rd birthday in March. He had been given a bike with stabilisers, which he was unable to ride with any success. Day two on his balance bike and he is ‘away’ safely and in control – his confidence in his ability to ride his bike is growing and he loves it! He even insists on taking it to bed with him! My husband assembled the bike easily and there appears to be plenty of growing room – all we need now is some better weather! Very pleased with the purchase .”

“Nice product and very easy to assemble. A little big for my grandson who turned 2 in May but that was to be expected as the recommended age is 3. However, in shoes, he was able to ride it without problems and there is plenty of growth possibility as the saddle is at its lowest level. I have no hesitations in recommending this product!”

“Just what we expected from the product description.
Ideal for purpose, early trundles for a 3 year old with room to grow.
Good quality and soundly made with good finishing and the pneumatic tyres really make it a fun toy.”

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Balance bikes are a great away to teach a young child how to ride a bike without all the distractions that come with a regular pedal bike. It gets down to the core basics of riding a bike and make it fun to do so. The bike feature is one of many balance bike out their so don’t just go for the first one look for the one that will suit your child. Find More Balance Bikes at Amazon


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