Toddler Christmas Presents: A Guide for age 1-3

Toddler Christmas PresentsWe are at the end of September and the being of October, even though it may seem like a long way away Christmas is just round the corner so I have written this guide as a little helping hand for what to look for in your toddler Christmas presents.

While your toddler may not know what Christmas is all about they will start to realise that the 25th of December is something to get excited about. With all the decorations, lights and a Christmas tree propped up by lots of presents it makes for a day to remember.

What to Consider when looking at Toys

Your toddler is learning loads of new skills at this age like walking and talking, wrapping daddy round their little finger while throwing the biggest tantrum they can to get what they want. They are exploring the world they live in by playing. They might even imagine a whole new world, or just cop the adult they see each and everyday.

As your child goes from baby to toddler they will have an interest in a much wider variety of toys. These could be cars, Lego, ride on toys, puzzles and anything that will allow them to be noisy like a drum kit (thank you granny for that one) or a keyboard.

At this age children don’t concentrate for very long on any one toy so avoid any thing that has fidley bits which they may find difficult.

Are looking for a gift for that’s someone else’s child? If you’re not sure what they already have it’s a good idea to ask the parents that could give you some idea on what to get as well. If you rather not ask and want to do it by yourself then think about what type of child you are shopping for because this will define what gifts you will buy. Are they shy and withdrawn, think puzzles, books and activity toy. If they are energetic then think cars, ride on toy, things they can chase, but in any case keep the receipt as a precaution.

Toddlers choice in toys are still unisex so don’t choose based on gender but do use common sense.

Look at packaging for any toy as it will say if they have choking hazards and they normally have age guidelines.

If in doubt clothes makes the best present and toddler are too young to know any better to complain but keep it something that they would like for example a t-shirt which has their favourite TV show on it.

So keep you wits about you when looking for toy and remember the early bird catches the worm so if you start your Christmas shopping early you will be done before you know it and wont be rushing last-minute. One last tip is to keep an eye out all year round when shops have their half price sales you can pick up bargains and store them away for Christmas or even birthdays that way you will all have presents to give.

At what time of year do you start your Christmas shopping? Leave me a comment to let me know!


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  1. I’ll go first to get this Xmas comments going. I start my Xmas shopping in January. Yep the being of the year I start on buying presents, not just for Xmas but for birthdays and any other event that come up within the year.

    Why you ask because I like the idea of spread the cost of Xmas across the entire year and you can buy stuff in the sales or at discounted prices when around Xmas they cost a lot more.

    So I start as early as possible, what about you? What time do you start? Do you like spreading the cost or do you do all the last minute shopping on December the 24th?

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