Toddler Hitting Other Children: 7 Tips To Follow To Stop This Behaviour

Toddler Hitting Other ChildrenWhen it come to toddlers they are consistent about one thing, and that is they are very unpredictable. There might come a time when your darling gets frustrated and lashes. Your toddler might hit you, their sibling or another child. Who ever they hit the solutions are the same so here to my 7 tips to stop your toddler hitting

  1. Don’t turn it into a joke or Game

    Your child is still developing their communication skill and they could have just come up against something they felt they couldn’t express in words.

    Try not to laugh even if it seems funny and don’t ignore it. A little problem today can turn into a massive problem tomorrow. You must teach your child that hitting anyone is not allowed and you need to ensure that it is a situation that your child doesn’t want to repeat just to get you to laugh. Because children crave attention in any form.

  2. Never Hit Them Back or let it escalate

    You’ll hear people say “there fine let them fight it out” but at the end of the day this doesn’t stop the behaviour and hitting back is rewarding and reinforcing bad behaviour

  3. Create other ways to communicate

    most of the time children hit as a way of communicating. There not angry, they just want to change the world to what they want. If you see your child hitting more often spend time with them teach them other way to communicate. Like if they want something off another child teach to trade for it rather than go up and hit them. This is not only teaching them good behaviour with better ways of communicating, it is also teaching them life skills for when they are older.

  4. Analyse why they hit

    It could be that your child get tired at a certain time of day and that is why they start to hit, a quick nap and they’re back to normal. You will need to look at the context in the cause of the hitting episodes so that you can prevent them.

  5. Be Alert

    If your child’s behaviour changes only with a certain group of children start watching them more closely so that you can see why your child hits. You could even be able to stop it from start if you are watching closely enough.

  6. Time Out is sometimes the best option

    If your child doesn’t respond and the situation escalates then this could be the moment to start the time out discipline technique. Just make sure you have used your other option, positive reinforcement is better than disciplining all the time but there are times when disciplining is required.

  7. Get them to apologize

    Children don’t like this type of attention so making them go up to the person they have hit and apologize does well to discourage them from repeating the behaviour.

This is a stage in your child’s development that they will go through in some shape or form. You will not be able to prevent it completely but you can shoe them better way to communicate and what happens if they do go to far so that they wont want to repeat the behaviour.


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