Toddler Proofing Your Home

toddler proofing your homeIt’s starts off the easy life of just holding them and they stare back at you but then they keep growing, then they start crawling and walking. Seemingly intent on destroying everything at their path. At this point you begin to think that it is time to start toddler proofing your home.

Can you see all the hazards and potential injury that your toddler can get all around your home? This is good that you can see them because you can start to make it safer for your child and hopefully avoid some of the accidents that happen at home.

According to statistics the home is where most injury’s occur if you do not toddler proof it, you could be letting them stumble around a death trap.

Toddlers don’t have true sense of danger not like we have, so when they go investigating thing they do see any potential danger and with them not steady, falling over or off things is what they do best.

The easy way for you to toddler-proof your house is to see it from their level, so get down to their height and have a good look around. If you see anything that is a potential hazard then take it away or make it safe.

Here are some safety tips for toddler-proofing your home:

  • Keep windows locked
  • Put plastic safety covers on all electrical sockets
  • Tie up blind cords
  • Attach bookcase to the wall as toddlers like to climb
  • unplug any electrical appliance you are not using.

These are some of the basic safety tips that sometimes get overlook especially if its your first child.

I still remember when my boy tried to get out of the window. At the time the windows were locked but we left some windows with the window keys in them so we didn’t lose them.

He must of seen how we unlock them because when we were looking out of the window waving bye to a relative he just turned the key, push down on the little button and pulled the handle up.

Needless to say from that moment on I removed the keys and put them in a safe place just hope I remember where that is when I want them.


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