Toddler Sleeping Problems? 6 Tips to get your toddler to sleep

Toddler Sleeping ProblemsThe day has been lovely and you have had a wonderful time with your little one. They have been angels up to the point you say two little words “Bed Time”. Those words are like a message telling your toddler to turn into an argumentative monster who now doesn’t want to do as they are told. So for your toddler sleeping problems I have 6 tips you can put into practice that can help get your toddler to sleep.


1. First and foremost is to keep them busy.

You know that they seem to have an endless supply of energy at time so you need to find a way to use it up so they go sleep easier. So playgrounds, fields, the garden any where they can run free and wild burning off all that energy.

2. What to do when its raining?

Its raining outside and your little one is bouncing off the walls with energy, what can you do. Entertain and engage them with toys, puzzles and games. Get them using their brain because mental activity is just as tiring as running around.

3. Be realistic with the bedtime.

Our children are just like us, they have sleeping pattern that their body follows. Some love the morning while other prefer the night. You do have some control over their sleeping pattern but it will be easier to follow theirs as much as possible. So if they are wide awake at 7pm delay their bedtime a bit or if they are falling asleep in their dinner move dinner time and bedtime so that it is easier on them. Following their pattern makes it easier on you to as they feel tired and want to go to sleep.

4. The Naps.

If you are always battling when it comes to bed time try cutting or reducing the amount of naps your toddler has during the day

5. A refresh period.

If your toddler doesn’t have naps but gets grumpy in the late afternoon try to allocate a quiet time for resting and re-energizing to get them through the rest of the day.

6. A Bedtime Routine.

Plan out a bedtime routine and stick to it. Don’t deviate for a second as they then try to do the same. Having a routine in place after dinner get them used to the time when to go to bed. Their body also get used to it and they feel tired when bedtime comes around. It’s hard to stick to a routine and you make get de-railed from time to time but as parents all we can do is our best so stick to it and keep pushing forward.

I hope these tips help reduce the stress you have when it comes to bed time because there is nothing better than the kids in bed asleep and you get to have a few hours to your self before the madness being all over again in the morning.


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