Tolo Toys Rolling Ball Shape Sorter

Tolo Toys Rolling Ball Shape SorterWhat is it?

The Tolo Toys Rolling Ball Shape Sorter is a ball and shape sort all rolled up into one. Your toddler can roll it around playing with it or they can twist it and open it up and play with it in two halves. Its bright colours and rattling sounds will keep your little one amused for hours.

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Core features

  • Rolling ball
  • shape sorter with 6 shapes
  • bright colours
  • easy open twist lock

How Does that Benefit

When playing with the toy in a ball it will help your toddler with their motor skills and balancing skills just like any other ball would However then you can sort the shapes while it is in the ball formation or twist it open and you have access to all 6 holes at once. This will help their motor skills again by having them put the shapes in the holes however it will also help their cognitive functions as they have to recognise the right hole to place the shape in. They could also learn what colour is what and that will help them to sort the shapes.

Is It Fun?Tolo Toys Rolling Ball Shape Sorter

At time of writing the Tolo Toys Rolling Ball Shape Sorter has 28 reviews on with an average rating of 4.8 star out of a possible 5.

So with this most of the parents were really happy with the toy and that it keep their children happy here is what a few of them said:

“My 22-month-old twins love this sorter. I had it out for them as infants and they would enjoy holding the shapes and hearing them rattle. At around 18 months they started to put the shapes in with help. Now they can (and want to) put the shapes in over and over again. I use the toy for matching skills, learning colors and shapes. Really a great buy.”

“My daughter played wih this at a Gymboree type of play group. When she was 9 months old, she was interested but didn’t have the coordination to put all the pieces in the ball. Still, the size of each piece was perfect for her little hands. She absolutely loved holding the pieces and trying to get them inside. I think that’s why she continued to practice and play with the toy rather then getting frustrated with it.

By the time she was 13 months or so, she was easily able to fit the pieces in the various holes. What’s nice about this toy is each hole is colored to match with the piece that goes in it, so the round hole is blue as is the circle, the square hole is geen as is the square, etc. This obviously also helps with color recognition.

The only thing my daughter found difficult with this toy, in the beginning, is the fact that the sorter itself is round instead of flat. Since it’s a ball, it’s harder for the baby to find the hole they’re looking for. To encourage her, I would simply turn the ball for her so she would see the hole, then leave it up to her to put the shape in. As she gets older, she can then find the hole by herself. It’s a wonderful toy that a baby will be able to use for quite awhile as their skill level grows”



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