VTech Ride on Alphabet Train Review

VTech Ride on Alphabet TrainAre you looking for a ride on toy that gives you a lot of added extras? Well VTech Ride on Alphabet Train might be the one for you and your toddler. It starts as a push along toy to give a helping hand to those little toddlers that are just learning to walk. Then it can go into a ride on toy so that they can grab hold and push along.

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VTech alphabet train blocks

The alphabet train comes with 13 double sized block with the letters of the alphabet on them. These blocks can be used for two thing. One is you can put them in the train on top and they go through the train and pops out the back of the train into the ride on seat. The other option for the letter blocks is to place them on the side of the train, the train will then recognise which letter it is and says it out loud. This is great because it get your toddler to learn the sound that is associated with each letter.

Non rip book

On the side of the train is a 14 page alphabet book that can non be ripped and doesn’t matter if they spill anything on it as it is plastic. The pages of this book can be turn and the train will say something to correspond to each page.

Melodies and songs

It also has 10 different melodies/ song that your toddler can sing along to. As well as follows me light games which teach you toddler the alphabet and helps develop this motor skills

What you get with the VTech Ride on Alphabet Train

Grow-with-me toy for sit-down play, walker and ride on.Alphabet Train
Sensor recognises letter blocks.
Blocks and letter book introduce the alphabet.
14-page alphabet book with non-rip and water-resistant pages.
13 double-sided letter blocks.
Motion sensor activates songs and phrases.

What Customers say about the Vetch alphabet train

At time of writing the alphabet train has 111 reviews and a rating of 4.6 stars out of a possible 5. Here is what some customers said:


“I got this for my God-child’s 1st birthday after having seen how my sister’s kids loved it and became stable in their walking through using it. Just like my sister’s kids my God-child loved it and he still loves. According to his mother it is his favorite toy and it is the first thing he plays with in the morning and the last thing in the evening. He was just starting to walk when he got this and now he is cruisin’ along with only one hand on the handle – a real cool guy ;)

The blocks with letters are great for training the alphabet with the kids as well as teaching and strengthening their motor skills as the blocks can be placed in slots on the side of the train and also pushed down a slot on the top of the train, which then shoots the block out on the back of the train and into the attachable wagon. The latter function is a great hit! ;)

There are a lot more functions and positive things that I’ve only heard about in passing and therefore can’t describe well enough to do it justice, however, I know that the children and parents who have this toy all love love love it :)

I can’t recommend it enough! I am even thinking of getting it for my cousin’s boy for his Christening :)”


“We got this as a gift for my son’s first birthday. He is 13 moths old now and has loved it from day one. He spends a lot of time using it as a walker and he also loves the 26 letter blocks that come with this toy. He does not yet uses the features on the front of the train (clicking alphabet blocks in place or the alphabet booklet) but he LOVES “posting” the blocks through the hole in the top of the train and watching them shoot out the bottom. He also loves to “post” the blocks through our baby gate down our cellar steps! All in all this toy has enabled him to play independently without much supervision so I can finally get some stuff done in the kitchen.

Also, I think the small size mentioned by other reviewers is great for us because he can walk with it into places he couldn’t go with a bigger toy, for instance around our dining room table, which increases the size of the circuit he has created for himself to run in. The small size makes it light weight but with a little practice he was quickly able to pull himself up without knocking it over.

He’s not quite tall enough to use the ride-on features but I am sure he will grow to love all this toy has to offer soon enough.



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