Want to learn positive discipline for preschoolers

disciplineThrough the toddler years your child will have a natural, beautiful, innocent, curiosity about life which will no-doubt lead them into trouble. They are learning about their surrounding and the world they live in through experimentation and in order for them to learn what is right and wrong they will need guidance from you. Discipline at preschool age will need to be more heavy focused on positive reinforcement so that they can continue to learn and grow in a nurtured environment.

What is Positive discipline for preschoolers

It is all about praising your child and being patient with them so they have a positive environment to learn in.

Here are some do’s and don’t:


Be patient when teaching new skills, and praise when they do it right.
When doing something they aren’t allow to distract them with something else like a new activity
Lead by example in behaviour so that they can see what good behaviour is.
If your toddler is repeatedly placing themselves at risk, physically pick them up and remove them from the situation.
Encourage good behaviour by rewarding with praise when they get it right

Don’t Get into battles that have no end in sight
Keep Repeating ‘No!’ when they are meant to be doing something
Don’t expect them to do as they are told if you don’t follow the same rules

Pick Your Battles

Remember you have to lose some battles to win the war so don’t argue with every little thing your toddler wants to do otherwise you will always be arguing. Instead be selective about which battles you fight like holding your hand when you are outside. But you may have to back down on some other things like a stupid outfit they pick out because they like it. If its not going to hurt them then why argue they’ll learn about fashion when they are older let them start new trends if they can.


Remember What Matters

Positive discipline is about guidance not about punishment
Think about your expectations Can a toddler behave like as adult
This need to be rules for a house to funtion but remember that the consequences can not be so bad that they only remember being punish and not what they did wrong.

And the most Important thing of all

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