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My son when he was a lot younger

Hi and welcome

This site is dedicated to you the parent in the long journey you have as a parent for as long as you shall live, as your children will need you not just now, but forever.

This is a wonderful path you have chosen to be a parent and I will be here giving advice as much as I can as I to have chosen the path. At time of writing I have a boy who is nearly 3 and a baby girl who is only 10 weeks old. They are my world and I love to talk about them so I might refer to them quite often as I write.

Soon i will setup a facebook, tumbr, google + and twitter account so you can follow this site when we add new articles to read.

I have also set aside part of the site where you can go and ask any question you like about parenting or if you just want to tell a story about what you little one did that great never stop being a proud parent because i’m not going t

o stop. The page to visit is You and Your Toddler


Thank you for reading and Good Luck in your parenting



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